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Rooms and Suites

The rooms and suites on the Estate are divided between the two historic farms, Masseria Monacelli and Masseria Giampaolo, each with splendid architectural features and offering guests a very special welcome.

Deluxe a tenuta monacelli


Deluxe Rooms are located in the historic buildings of the two masserie.

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Red Suite a tenuta monacelli

Red Suite

This secluded and unusual suite, located in the seventeenth-century tower of Masseria Monacelli, offers a special, intimate atmosphere along with a superb view of the estate from its private terrace.

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Tower Suite a tenuta monacelli

Tower Suite

An old stone staircase leads to the exclusive Torre Suite, which offers a unique view from its private terrace over a wide expanse of olive trees and towards the Adriatic Sea.

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Superior Rooms a tenuta monacelli

Superior Rooms

The Superior Rooms are located in the historic spaces at Tenuta Monacelli facing the courtyard and garden.

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Green Suite a tenuta monacelli

Green Suite

Situated on the first floor of the tower of Masseria Monacelli, this splendid suite has a private terrace overlooking the olive groves and the internal courtyard.

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Junior Suite a tenuta monacelli

Junior Suite

Our Junior Suite with its simple elegance is in perfect keeping with the ambience of Tenuta Monacelli.

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Giampaolo Suite a tenuta monacelli

Giampaolo Suite

This stylish Superior Suite is on the ground floor of the typical courtyard complex of Masseria Giampaolo

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