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Excursions and walks

It is fascinating to explore the hidden face of Apulia with its extraordinary stories, its secret paths and places, villages and tracks along the coast, small towns, artisan industries and stunning views, You can stop for delicious tastings, for explanations, or just to take a few photos.

We organise hikes and walks lasting one or several days. A tour around Lecce is a fantastic experience, as well as walking through the countryside near the town, following some very attractive trails but also some lesser known routes.

Our tours are conducted by expert local guides. They last about 3 hours. We recommend comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunscreen, and of course your camera. This tour can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Private Visits

There are many wonderful things to see in Salento, and we will be happy to create you a customised itinerary. It could include Lecce, Otranto, Gallipoli, the Trulli area, places to the north and south of Salento, or anywhere else in the region.

Our professional guides can show you the most famous places, but also take you among the locals to share their lifestyle. Tours can be half or all day, or over several days, taking you to visit some unusual places, and learn about the area through its culture, cuisine, landscape and traditions. In the company of a personal guide, you will be able to fully appreciate what Apulia has to offer.

Horse riding trips

Explore the magic of nature and enjoy a fabulous one-day excursion in a small group with our own instructor/guide. Ride through the beautiful natural park, and follow trails high above the sparkling blue sea. With friendly guides and amazing horses, suitable for all ages and levels of experience, this enjoyable horseback ride is perfect for couples, the whole family, or small groups of friends.

You will meet the horses at the stables, and our expert guide will choose the right one for you, depending on whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. When everyone is mounted and ready to go, you will follow your guide along a road leading to the beach. Once at the beach, you can walk, trot or gallop, or even ride in the water. This tour can be arranged for the morning or the afternoon

The wine routes

On a visit to the cellars, you can learn about the history of local specialities and sample the best Apulian wines. On this tour, you can enjoy a wonderful day in the Salento countryside, exploring the unique flavour of local wines, the cellars and estates. We have created special tours in the main wine region of Salento, to give you the chance to visit some of the more famous and lesser known wineries in the area.

This wine tour can be arranged for the morning or afternoon. It provides an excellent introduction to the local wine industry, allowing you to explore the area and see the entire wine-making process. This tour takes in two local wineries with tastings and visits. It is an excellent way to get to know the wine region of Salento, and to learn about the history of Apulian wine production during the visit to the two wineries. During this wine tour you can explore, learn and taste.

Cookery lessons (minimum 2 people)

A special culinary experience. Explore the Apulian lifestyle and discover the region’s passion for food and wine. Throughout Apulia you will find cookery classes, organised by the local women, who are also the best chefs. They put on their aprons, and teach the family recipes that have been handed down over the generations.

These lessons are just for small groups and concentrate on simple recipes using the best local products and fresh seasonal ingredients. In the kitchen of a historic mansion, you can learn how to prepare a delicious four course meal using traditional Apulian recipes.

Working in a relaxed atmosphere, you will spend three hours learning how to cook a typical four course dinner, and also have the chance to sample some great wines. Wine enthusiasts will be interested to learn that we are at the heart of the Negroamaro and Primitivo wine areas. The cookery lessons include a book of recipes and an apron to take home.

Olive oil tastings and visits to the underground olive-mill

Olive oil, in its different varieties, is like the gold of the soil, and guests can sample the oil produced by the Tenuta Monacelli estate, accompanied by fresh homemade bread.

You will be taken to explore the “Trappiti”, or underground mills, mysterious places that tell of an ancient peasant civilisation.

Adventures with Yacht, sailboats or dinghies: create your holiday on board!

To enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic and discover the secrets of our Salento coasts, appreciate the glare of the sun by participating in the game of waves in the comfort of a motorized yacht! You can choose between one or half day excursions, mini-cruises, weekends or the whole week, only breakfast or dinner on board. And again, discover hidden cliffs and romantic bays by sailboat, or simply an adventurous trip on a raft with a skipper!

Unusual paths and unique experiences await you along the coasts of Puglia.