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A love of history and nature inspired the restoration of Masseria Monacelli and Masseria Giampaolo

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Masseria Monacelli, a fortified farmhouse dating from the 17th century, and Masseria Giampaolo, a fine 15th-century complex, are a distinctive presence in Salento with their imposing watch towers. They are near the Romanesque-Byzantine Abbey of S. Maria a Cerrate, now under the protection of the Italian Environment Fund. The Masserie possess some important historical features:

they each have a distinctive underground olive mill, storage rooms for the olives and shelters for the oil-millers. The whole complex underlines the importance and prosperity of the olive-growing estates in past centuries.

The rooms and suites are divided between the two farms, and their simple elegance is typical of the local masserie; they are all furnished with taste and attention to detail, and each has its own unique features.

Our pride and joy is the “Rifugio del Re” restaurant with its lovely summer terrace. Our expert chefs offer a range of wholesome dishes from the culinary traditions of Salento and Apulia, as well as Italian and international cuisine. Every meal is a special occasion, to enjoy in a stylish setting and in wonderful natural surroundings.

The quality and freshness of the ingredients are the keys to the success of our restaurant, as well as our exclusive use of home-grown and locally sourced produce. Each of our recipes is accompanied by extra virgin olive oil, lending it an authentic flavour.