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Not a traditional wellness path! The unspoilt Mediterranean landscape with its woods and olive groves is like a great open air gym, a place for healthy walks and contact with nature, following the many paths through 330 hectares of woods, meadows and olive groves set against the blue of the sea.

Next to our delightful pool are the gym and the massage room where you can take time to relax, choosing between restful massages, holistic pathways, or the wonderful experience of Yoga  at sunset.

  • Grounds
  • Olive Grove
  • Woodland
  • Natural body care products
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Massage room
  • Hiking
  • Cycling tours
  • Yoga

Couple Massage

Share the experience of relaxation with Aromatherapy Massage with someone special in your life. Whether you enjoy the benefits of massage with your spouse, you will both be walking on the clouds. Two therapists will provide simultaneous massage as a unique experience to share, that promote wellness, complicity and armony. The use of the pure essential oils of Rose for the woman and, Sandalwood for the man, is based on Aromatherapy’s principles and improve the couple’s armony and complicity, increase the sense of deep relaxation.
Lenght: 50 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage With Essential Oils

Wisely exploits the properties of organic Essential Oils extract from aromatic plants of sage, rose, rosemary, lavander, according to the principles of aromatherapy, to induce a general state of wellbeing, relaxation and renewed energy. This massage stimulates blood circulation and helps to release tensions accumulated in muscles and joints., relax the mind end give you more calm and fully relax.
Lenght: 60 minutes

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is born in India, this in particular is based on specific maneuvers deriving from the traditional Kerala massage. It’s help you to relieve muscolar and emotional tensions, with his detoxifyng and rebalancing effects , relaxes the mind and makes your body lighter, restore the natural flow of life energy, to enhance personal growth and healing.
Lenght: 60 minutes

Shiatsu Massage

Originating from Japan, Shiatsu is a profoundly relaxing full body massage, based on the Yin and Yang principles of Chinese Tradicional Medicine, it acts on the energetic meridians. The therapist helps you to realese all the fisical and emotional tensions , through the pressure of arms, palms and fingers on the body and on its specific points. Shiatsu massage promotes a connection between the mind, the body and the soul wich encourage balance in life.
Lenght: 60 minutes

Sound Healing Massage With Tibetan Bowls

Sound healing massage, perfomed with Tibetan Bowls, is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body and mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. Sund healing helps to release blockages, and to realign and restore the natural flow pf normal healthy frequenta within and around the body.
Lenght: 60 minutes

Foot Reflexology

The foot reflexology treatment it’s made of a very delicated massage starting from the feet up to theknees and works in particolar on the reflex points of traditional Chinese medicine. It restores balance and functionality in the body-mind , improves the response of the immune system and gives a sense of relaxation and well-being. This massage makes use of the antideptic and toning action of ”Tea tree” essenzial oil, originated from Australia.
Lenght: 60 minutes

YOGA  Group Classes
* You can book personal trainer for a Yoga


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