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Our offers for you to leave a unique experience at Tenuta Monacelli, special occasion to taste our land and discover Salento

Discover and enjoy Spring in Salento

The spring sun is shining bright, it is such a great and sweet time in Salento, among the spring colors and flavors

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Surprise your partner with a dream

Give your partner a special night in the magical setting of Tenuta Monacelli and Masseria Giampaolo

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Our Salento cuisine: discover and learn it with us!

Learn the secrets of Salento's culinary art and taste a 4 course meal plus our local wines, in the land of Primitivo and Negroamaro.

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Salento: not only sea and beaches!

Experience a fabulous authentic Salento staying at Tenuta Monacelli - Lecce, just a few steps from the Baroque city

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Special Women Stay

Gift yourselves a Beauty Path in a special location bathed into the nature.

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Discovering the hinner treasures of Salento

Treat yourself staying in the natural countryside of Lecce without missing piece of art and history!

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Peeping to the summer in the heart of Salento

Live your next holidays bathed into the quiet of Tenuta Monacelli, far from the hot months of July and August.

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Special Ecotourism

Your special stay at Tenuta Monacelli dedicated to nature and wellness

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