The attention to quality is addressed to our products that today range from the centuries-old production of extra virgin olive oil to the genuine Miele Millefiori del Salento

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Olive oil

The gold of the soil

At Tenuta Monacelli we produce two types of extra virgin olive oil, harvesting the olives from ancient trees and using traditional methods. This golden nectar is a gift from nature, following many months of care and patience.

Our oils have an intense aroma, the result of a harmonious blend of three olive varieties: Ogliarola, Cellina and Coratina. The olives are carefully processed at every stage, from harvesting to pressing.

“Tenuta Monacelli” and “Franky Piccinni” are the names of our two types of oil, which reflect a dedication to the land, its resources, and its gifts passed down over the generations.

The olives are harvested with shakers and nets at the right point of maturity. They are taken immediately  to the estate mill to prevent the fruit fermenting (a major cause of low quality in oil) and are then cold pressed.

The oil is kept and decanted in a natural way using modern stainless steel tanks.

The quality of our oils is guaranteed by the traceability of our production chain.


“Tenuta Monacelli” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An oil with a delightful aroma, including hints of musk and notes of walnut and fresh hay. It has a sweet taste, with a subtle, lingering note of astringency. Ideal for use with fish, mixed salads, risottos and all hot dishes.

The result of a careful blend of Ogliarole and Cellina of Nardò olives.




“Franky Piccinni” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It has a lively, well-balanced character and a smooth, velvety texture, with notes of walnut, bitter almonds and freshly mown grass against a backdrop of artichokes. It is perfect for use on vegetable or bean soups, but also with beef stews, and in the preparation of braised or fried meat and game. Produced from a subtle blend of Ogliarole, Cellina of Nardo and Coratina varieties.





 The nectar of Gods

Honey “millefiori” of spring light Salento with early season flowering.

Honey “summer millefiori” of Salento in dark color thanks to the presence of mulberry and honeysuckle which gives the honey a bit bitter taste.

Both honey qualities are produced by the bees standing in the part of the Mediterranean firm scrub that insists in Rauccio park.

Geographical Origin: Apulia, Salento.

Jar: 720g

A curiosity about honey:
“That honey was a sacred and beneficial food was well known to the Ancients: Zeus, the mythological father of gods and men, became the first child to eat honey and goat’s milk. Callimaco tells him in his Hymns